Trick or Treat Appetizer



 Trick or Treat?

Autumn season is finally here, pumpkins are for sale, and leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. The air is cooling and you are replacing your summer decorations with the deep red, orange and yellow colors of the new season. 

When you take to the kitchen, make sure to include this frightful display of Jack O’ Lantern’s cheese ball with dried garlic and lemon vegetable chips.  When your guests come to your home, they will not know whether you have purchased the pumpkin, raked the leaves yourself, or prepared this trick or treat appetizer to enjoy! In either case, they will be sure to take a picture and post it to their Instagram. 

Serving note. Make sure to have a knife handy to carve the pumpkin.





For the vegetable chips you will need:

1 Large zucchini

Red beets



Sweet Potatoes

1 tablespoon Smoke Paprika

2 tablespoon dry herbs like oregano or parsley

Sal and pepper

Bari Garlic infused and Lemon Infused Olive Oil



For the Jack O’ Lantern cheese ball you will need:

3 packages of cream cheese

1 ½ cup of grated cheddar cheese 

½ cup of slice almonds

½ cup of shop fresh parsley

Mix 1 tablespoon of smoke paprika, 1 teaspoon of garlic salt, 1 teaspoon of chili powder.

Cook 4 large strips of bacon and chop into bits.




For the chips: heat oven at 400 degrees

Step 1: Prepare veggies (i.e. roots)

·        Wash the veggies (make sure to remove all dirt)

·        Peel veggies (make sure to always keep the red beets separate from the rest of vegetables to prevent red hands use gloves when working with the red beets)

·        Use a kitchen mandoline to slice the veggies into thin slices. (this helps to cook faster and crispier OR use your ninja skills and slice the veggies with a sharp knife)

·        Soak veggies, for 5 minutes in cold water (this will help to have crisp chips, soak the beets separate) soak red beets separately from the rest.

·        Remove from water and it is very important to pat dry the veggies. (they must be all dry unless you like soggy chips)

Step 2: Separate veggies

·        In a large bowl: add the Turnips, Parsnips, Zucchini and drizzle with Garlic Olive oil, salt, pepper and dry herbs.

·        In a separate large bowl: add the sweet potatoes and drizzle with Lemon Olive Oil, salt, pepper and 1 teaspoon of smoke paprika.

·        In a separate bowl: add the red beets and drizzle with Lemon Olive Oil, salt and pepper.

Step 3: Cook veggies

·        Using large baking sheets with parchment paper, layer each of the slices making sure they do not overlap each other.

·        Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

·        Keep an eye on the veggies and make sure they do not burn (the zucchini will cook much faster, turn the sliced half way in)

·        Remove from baking sheet and let it cool.

Instructions for the Jack O’ Lantern cheese ball:

Step 1: Prepare cream cheese

·        Remove cream cheese from package

·        In a large mixing bowl, using your hands break the cream cheese and mix it with the almonds, parsley and mix of spices and ½ cup of cheddar cheese.

·        With your hands form a ball and cover it with the rest of grated cheddar cheese.

·        Cover and place in fridge for about two hours.

Step 2: Form a pumpkin

·        Using chopsticks or your fingers, you can give the form of a pumpkin creating the lines around the cheese ball

·        Then, use the stem of a pumpkin or the stem of a green bell pepper to put it on top of the cheese ball.

·        Sprinkle with smoke paprika to give it more color.

·        Use some of the veggie chips to create the face.

Final Step: Trick or Treat?!

·        Place the Jack O’ Lantern cheese ball in the center of your dish, then add the vegetable chips around the plate.


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