The Super Bowl is upon us!  For many fans, Super Bowl weekend represents the greatest sports event of the year.  For the rest of us, it means we get to have the television back for six months.  No matter the reason for our excitement this weekend, we will gather together to enjoy the close of another football season with friends, family – and perhaps a good beer.

If this sounds like your weekend, there is nothing better to include on your snack table than shrimp ceviche!  It is a delicious dish that goes good with a locally kraft brew – if one happens to be available in your community.  In Guatemala, the ceviche mix is also good with ketchup or clamato juice. If you choose to give it a chance, then add 1 tablespoon of ketchup or ¼ cup of clamato juice to a separate small serving and try it- then tell me about it your experience, I know this sounds crazy but this is not as crazy as the fact that we like pizza with ketchup too. Haha!

Enjoy the game this weekend!






1 Large cucumber

4 Roma tomatoes

1 Medium red onion

3 Large Lemons

1 Cup fresh cilantro

1 Lb. Small shrimp

¼ cup of Bari’s Lemon Olive Oil

2 Jalapeno peppers

Salt and pepper to taste




Step 1: Prepare ingredients

-        Cut cucumber into small bite size, chop tomatoes, jalapeno, finely chop onion, chop cilantro

-        Place all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

Step 2: Prepare dressing

-        In a separate bowl mix the juice of the lemons, Olive Oil, salt and pepper

-        Set aside.

Step 3: Prepare shrimp

-        Cook shrimp. (if the shrimp is not pre-cooked)

-        Recommend to cook it in beer for about 2 minutes. (It is important to not overcook shrimp)

-        Then remove and place it in a large bowl with ice water. (this will help the shrimp to keep the pink color and will stop the cooking process)

-        Drain the shrimp

Step 4: Mix everything together

-        Mix shrimp with the rest of ingredients.

-        Add the Juice

-        Mix all well.

-        Add the avocado until is time to serve.

Enjoy with your favorite crackers and beer.

Enjoy the game!! 

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