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As a Latin woman, I was always curious about my ancestors. Unfortunately, in my family there is not much information available any further than my great-grandparents. So this year I did a DNA test to learn how much of my history was from Guatemala. Much to my surprise, I learned that 23% of my ancestry originated from the Mediterranean. After years of wondering why, I had figured out why I love Mediterranean food so much! I have always found myself cooking something Mediterranean-ish. Reccipes full of fresh vegetables and grains, and the desire to mix olive oil into everything - including removing my makeup and to hydrate my hair - is something that makes me happy. There is a sense of joy and connection to be able to honor a part of my heritage with my love for cooking when I mix Latin and Mediterranean dishes together. The combinations never lack of flavor or of color. This week, enjoy Orzo Salad and Cilantro-Lemon Chicken. Enjoy -Marianela

Ingredients for the Orzo Salad:
1 cup of Orzo
1 can of chickpeas
2 cups of multicolor cherry tomatoes
1 cup pitted kalamata olives
1 medium red onion
1 cup crumble feta cheese
1 large lemon
2 garlic cloves
½ cup of Bari’s Arbequina Olive Oil
½ cup of fresh cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste

Ingredients for the Chicken:
1 ½ lbs. of chicken tights
½ cup of Bari’s Arbequina Olive Oil
1 large lemon
1 tsp of ground cumin
1 tsp of ground coriander
1 tbsp of smoke paprika
½ cup of fresh cilantro
Salt and pepper
Bari Products Used In This Recipe:
Arbequina EVOO
Instructions for Orzo Salad
Step 1: Prepare Pasta
      - Cook orzo pasta according to package instructions
Step 2: Prepare mixings
      - Drain Chickpeas and remove the skin, wash and set aside
      - Cut cherry tomatoes and olives in half
      - Cut onion into thin slices
      - Mince garlic cloves
      - Wash and Chop cilantro finely
Step 3: Prepare dressing
      - Mix in a mason jar the juice of the lemon, Olive Oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper
Step 4:  Bring togehter
      - Add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Add feta cheese
      - Pour the dressing on top and mix well
      - Serve cold

Instructions for Chicken
Step 1: Prepare
      - Finely chop cilantro
      - Add in the juice of fresh lemon, Olive Oil and all the dry ingredients, mix well
      - Cover and refridgerate overnight
Step 2: Cook
      - Grill chicken on medium-heat until fully cooked
      - Slice and serve on top of cold Orzo Salad


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