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Fruity EVOO 250 ML

Price:      $10.00

Single Bottle Bari Gourmet Fruity EVOO (250 ML Bottle)

Bari Gourmet Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an aromatic and flavorful oil, reminiscent of green and ripe olives with just a hint of a peppery finish. This oil will enhance your recipes with its distinct fruitiness yet not overwhelm the other flavors in your dish. Bari Gourmet Fruity EVOO is great for everyday cooking, yet distinct enough to serve on its own as a dip for crusty bread.

Suggested Uses: Recommended for all cooking especially grilling - either brush all over food before grilling or drizzle afterwards as a finishing touch. Its fruity flavor is a perfect compliment used in dressings for baby salad greens and spinach.Bari Gourmet Fruity EVOO is also recommended for drizzling onto steamed vegetables or stirring into soups, stews and tomato sauces.

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