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Robust EVOO 250 ML

Price:      $10.00

Single Bottle Bari Gourmet Robust EVOO (250 ML Bottle)

Bari Gourmet Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pungent oil that is full flavored and very aromatic, the connoisseur's choice, this oil is appreciated for its green, grassy flavor and piquant spiciness. Showcasing it to its fullest, Bari Gourmet Robust EVOO is most often used as a condiment drizzled as a seasoning onto foods just before serving.

Suggested Uses: Recommended as a condiment oil used to season dishes just before serving. Its piquant flavor is the perfect finishing touch drizzled onto grilled vegetables to be served at room temperature as an antipasti or side dish or try serving it ads a dip for cold, steamed vegetables or bread. Bari Gourmet Robust EVOO also compliments hearty soups and bean dishes as well as recipes using saffron and other boldly-flavored ingredients.

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