A Family Tradition Since 1936
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  • Handmade for a Rich Taste

    Since 1936 Bari Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been made using only the cold press method from locally grown olives. Unlike so many of today's mass produced labels, Bari is still handmade in small quantities from late season Mission & Manzanilla varietal olives.

  • Robust Flavor and Aroma

    Bari Gourmet Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pungent oil that is full flavored and very aromatic. This oil is appreciated for its green, grassy flavor and piquant spiciness. Showcasing it to its fullest, our Gourmet Robust EVOO is perfect as a condiment drizzled onto foods just before serving.

  • Gourmet Quality and Taste

    Bari Gourmet Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an aromatic and flavorful oil, reminiscent of green and ripe olives with just a hint of a peppery finish. This oil will enhance your recipes with its distinct fruitiness yet not overwhelm the other flavors in your dish. This oil is great for everyday cooking!


The Bari Family

Since its founding in 1936 by the Lamanuzzi and Pantaleo families, BARI© has been a part of the family dinner table across America.

Current owners Kyle and Ryan Sawatzky are the fifth generation to farm the family estate. Striving to make sure every bottle of olive oil they produce is of a premium quality that they would serve to any guest in their home.

Well known for our Buttery flavored oil produced from late harvest Mission olives we have built a reputation for quality and consistency.

We have developed oils that would fit into three flavor profiles, Delicate, Fruity, and Robust. We harvest certain varieties at specific times to produce a consistent and distinct flavor profile.

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