Golden Baked Lemon Potatoes

Thank God for Potatoes.

In our world today are those who are poor and those who have plenty.  Those who pray for food and those who give of their bounty.  A long time ago lived an elderly woman in need.  She was so hungry, she had no food to eat.  Her shelves were barren with little in store, except spoiled milk and potatoes rotten to the core.  Where could she go to fill her tummy?  She prayed to God, “Please send me somebody!”

Then came a knock-knock on her door.  She thought, “Who could it be? Who is this person come to visit me?” She opened the door to see a priest outside.  She said, “What a surprise!  For what do I owe this honor? Please come inside.”  The priest exclaimed, “I’m here to offer you cheer.”  My dear let me ask, “How can I pray for you?  Put me to the task.” 

She said, “I need potatoes. My store has withered. If I could just find some food, I think I’d feel better.” 

“I see,” said the priest, ‘then, let me pray away.”  They sat in their chairs with hands held tight; and with heads bowed down he prayed for her plight.  “God grant her hope, grant her joy – give her wisdom and peace,” said the priest.  But with every word he uttered she thought, “Just let me eat.”  The priest continued on, “give her patience, give her kindness, and give her goodness and faith” But no words he could speak filled her empty plate. 

The priest came and he left, but she was the same as before.  As the door shut she said, “Why did this man come to my door?”  The priest thought it odd that his prayer did not bring relief. He had come to give hope – but instead, only grief.  He thought to himself, “my store is so full – perhaps I can share.  If she has an empty stomach, what good is my prayer?  If I return to my home and bring her my bounty; where she was hungry before, now she’ll have plenty.”

So he ran to his store and gathered his finest selection.  Then, returned to her home – but was met with rejection.  “Go away,” she said, “I can’t see you today.  You came once before and you left the same way.”  He said, “Forgive my intrusion.  You’re right to feel angry. I know my words cannot fill your empty pantry.”  As she looked through the window she could see his face aglow. In his hands were two baskets filled with potatoes galore.

She reached for the door and welcomed him in.  He said, “May I pray for you before we dig in?”  So, together they sat and prayed with delight.  “God grant her hope, grant her joy – give her wisdom and peace,” said the Priest.  And with every word he uttered she thought, “God, thank you for potatoes.”

Moral to the story: No matter how much prayer you offer at the dinner table, do not forget to share the potatoes.





Golden Baked Lemon Potatoes

2 lbs. small red potatoes

2 tablespoon shredded parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon paprika

1 garlic clove

Fresh thyme

Fresh rosemary

1 Lemon

Salt and pepper

Bari’s Lemon infused Olive Oil



Step 1: Prepare potatoes

·         Wash and cut in half the potatoes.

·         Put them in a large mixing bowl.

·         Chop the garlic clove, rosemary and thyme.

·         Mix in a small bowl.

·         Add in shredded parmesan, paprika, salt and pepper.

·         Drizzle the potatoes with 3 tablespoons of Bari’s Lemon infused Olive Oil.

·         Then, add the mix herbs with the parmesan, paprika and garlic, coat well.

Step 2: Prepare to bake

·         Cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil.

·         Spray with non-stick.

·         Place the potatoes on the baking sheet distribute them evenly.

Step 3: Bake potatoes

·         Heat up the oven at 425 degrees.

·         Bake potatoes for 12-13 minutes.

·         Then, turn over potatoes and drizzle one more time with 1 table spoon of Bari’s Lemon infused Olive Oil.

·         Bake potatoes for an additional 12-13 minutes or until fully cook and golden brown.

Serve warm and drizzle with the juice of a fresh Lemon.




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