Summer Salad

Sweet and Refreshing


The warmth of summer brings about fun in the sun.  The days are longer and our appetite for being out under the sun gives way to bikini tops, pool parties, and tanning lotions.  Our bodies are more exposed, so we want to make sure we are filling it with lighter meals that tone our external physic.

Bring a lighter touch to your dining menu with this Summer Salad. This is a great dish to make in a hurry. It is super easy to make, requires few ingredients, and is very colorful and flavorful. Use shallots instead of onions to give a mild sweet flavor with a hint of garlic; and a mini Persian cucumber for its thin skin, fewer seeds and because they are super cute. You can also pair it with just about anything – I like to combine with a salmon filet. 

Bari’s Orange infused Olive Oil completes the Vinaigrette with fruity hints of orange zest drizzled into every corner of the salad. This Summer Salad is super fresh and delicious. 




1 small size bag of fresh baby spinach

1 peach

1 cup cherry tomatoes

3 mini cucumbers (Persian cucumber)

1 cup of red grapes

1 Shallot

¼ cup Fresh Parsley

Crumble Feta cheese

2 tablespoon Red wine vinegar

¼ cup Orange infused Bari’s Olive Oil

Salt and pepper to taste



Step 1:

·        Combine red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl mix well.

·        Set aside.

Step 2:

·        Slice the cherry tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, shallot, parsley (chopped), and peach (peel and thinly slice).

·        Set aside. 

Step 3:

·        In a large bowl combine all the ingredients with the spinach and feta cheese.

·        Drizzle the Vinaigrette on top.



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