A Family Tradition Since 1936
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At Bari, we are committed to providing you quality products coupled with friendly customer service. Since 1936, our olive oil has always been hand made in small quantities from late season Mission & Manzanilla varietal olives to provide you with only the finest olive oil products.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our collection of rich and delicious oils made from our tasty variety of olives, all grown, hand-picked and cold-pressed from Central California. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils come in a variety of flavors that are perfect in any dish!

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Olive Oil Club

We are excited to announce that we will be starting up a membership for you, our loyal customers. As a way to give back to you, we have created an Olive Oil Club that will give you the chance to try all of our olive oils and balsamic vinegars!

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Flavor Infused Oils

Uniquely flavored oils made with our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These oils will add just the perfect amount of flavor and texture to any meal! Choose from eight different flavor infused oils; from lemon and orange to jalapeno and chipotle. 

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Gourmet Foods

Along with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Vinegars, we also offer a delicious variety of gourmet foods that will please any taste bud. With a variety of Sun Dried Tomatoes and Olives, we have the tasty selections that make the perfect garnishes or additions to any dish!

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Gourmet Gifts & Crates

Find the perfect gift for any Olive oil enthusiast! From olive oil sprayers to beautiful dipping dishes, we even have a large selection of gift crates! Packaged in rustic wood crates, our crates make a handsome gift & are sure to please the cook or epicure in your life.

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Gourmet Vinegars

We offer Traditional, Fig infused, Orange Infused, Blackberry-Vanilla Infused Balsamics. Our Vinegars are made from our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil products.

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Olive Oil Soaps & Books

Along with our delicious selection of different olive oils and vinegars, we also offer a selection of olive oil soaps and books that make the perfect gift for any occasion for a loved one or even yourself!

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Pure Olive Oil

We take pure olive oil and blend it with our award winning extra virgin olive oil to create an oil that is lighter in taste than traditional extra virgin. Perfect for cooking with heavy aromatics like garlic or for those who prefer a lighter taste to their oil.

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