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Skinny Chef Blogger, Jennifer Iserloh's Write-Up on Local Bari Olive Oil

Jennifer Iserloh

Local Olive Oil

Flavor Infused Gift PackBari Olive Oil company, produced and packed in California from locally grown olives, has a wide variety of delicious tasting olive oil and balsamic vinegars. They are known for their buttery flavored oil produced from late harvest Mission olives.

Starting with a more mild tasting oil allows the flavors of other foods to come through, and I’ve used their oil in a variety of Italian and international recipes. I especially love their flavor infused oils, which allow you to add heat from chilies, basil goodness to your salads, or lemony flavor to your favorite chicken dish.

Their line of uniquely flavored balsamic vinegars will take your same old dressing or marinade to a new level. My two favorites are their black berry vanilla that’s gorgeous on a beet and goat cheese salad and their orange balsamic that’s tasty on just about anything. Try it with my orange balsamic salmon.