Sweet ‘Aunt Margarita’ Potato & Egg Skillet


The perfect breakfast or brunch skillet.

One of my favorite childhood memories was to visit my Aunt Margarita’s home in the morning and pick eggs from her hen house in the backyard. Growing up in a small town on the Caribbean side of Guatemala, my mother would send me to my Aunt Margarita’s to pick out the best eggs for breakfast. 

Her chickens were always free, happy and naturally fed. Her eggs came in different shades of brown. The yoke had the brightest orange color – like a sunset over the ocean.  The eggs’ flavor were filled with goodness; you never had to add salt and pepper.  Imagine having fresh, warm eggs every morning.  Oh, so good!

This memory inspired this perfect breakfast and brunch dish.

As the holiday’s approach, consider a breakfast or brunch that provides a natural sweetness to your morning that will fill your heart (and stomach) with delight.  Mix in Bari’s Arbosana Olive Oil to give the sweet potatoes a natural nutty and light buttery flavor.  For the eggs, I prefer pasture raise eggs. You can find pasture free eggs in almost any store. (Sadly, none of them taste like my Aunt Margarita’s)

Coincidently, this dish goes well with the perfect breakfast cocktail – Good Morning Margarita – a mix of fresh squeezed orange juice, tequila, Grand Marnier and lime juice!  A wonderful morning combination to start your weekend – served responsibly.

Start the day with my Sweet Aunt Margarita Potato and Egg Skillet.

Buen provecho!


Sweet Potato & Egg Skillet


1 – Sweet potato, medium size (peel and cut into small cubes)

½ cup – Green bell pepper (cubes)

½ cup – Cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

¼ cup – Onion (chopped)

1 cup – Spinach (chopped)

1 teaspoon – Fresh Rosemary (chopped)

1 tablespoon – Parsley (chopped)

¼ cup – Water

3 – Pasture Free Eggs

4 tablespoons – Bari's Arbosana Olive Oil

Slices of Avocado

Garnish with Parsley (chopped)

Salt and Pepper to taste


You will need one (1) large iron skillet and one (1) lid.



Preparation: Heat iron skillet at MEDIUM HIGH. 

Step 1: Prepare Sweet Potatoes

·         Add 2 tablespoons of Bari’s Arbosana Olive Oil (its nutty flavor mixes well with sweet potatoes)

·         Add cubed Sweet Potatoes

·         Cook for 10 minutes

·         Then, add Rosemary, Water and cover with Lid (this will steam the potatoes)

·         Steam for about 10 to 15 minutes

·         Use fork to check if the sweet potatoes are cooked (I like them "al dente")

·         When fully cooked, remove sweet potatoes from skillet and set aside.

Step 2: Prepare Vegetable Mix

·         In the same skillet, add 2 tablespoon of Bari's Arbosana Olive Oil

·         Add Green Bell Peppers and Onions

·         Cook for about five minutes

·         Then add Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

·         Cook Spinach for 2-3 minutes (careful not to overcook the Spinach)

·         Add Sweet Potatoes with Vegetable Mix

·         Add Salt and Pepper

·         Cook until everything is well incorporated

Step 3: Add Eggs

·         Add Eggs one at a time (recommend to crack egg into a small bowl, then pour gently into skillet)

·         Lower the heat and cover immediately

·         Cook eggs until you reach desired texture

·         Finally, garnish with Parsley and slices of Avocados

(In our house, this is what an egg looks like when it is cooked to perfection!  We hope you enjoy the gentle sweetness of my Sweet ‘Aunt Margarita’ Potato & Egg Skillet.)

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